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InterviewJS is the continuation of Juliana's previous interactive journalism projects only this time the goal was not to produce an interactive story but to create a platform that would enable other journalists to convert their journalism and interviews into mobile first ‘chat stories’.  

InterviewJS is based on Juliana's original concept and developed together with Al Jazeera’s Interactive Department.  It was funded by the Google Digital News Initiative (DNI). 

There are tips and sample stories on the InterviewJS website and journalists and storytellers are invited to produce their own interactive content by using the InterviewJS Composer.  

To get the long and comprehensive story of how InterviewJS was built read read this account on Medium from Piotr, the front end developer.  From the very beginning a focus group of digital practitioners were generous with their time and helped us test our ideas and test the platform.

Watch this to find out how to build interactive, mobile first stories with InterviewJS

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