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#HACKED: Syria’s Electronic Armies takes the user deep into the Syrian cyber war via a mobile phone web app based on Juliana’s People & Power documentary with the same name.

The user is tasked with collecting as much information as possible in a limited amount of time by contacting Syrian activists, hackers and coders all of whom were encountered during the making of the film. Users face a number journalistic of decisions, for example whether or not they  should pay hackers for vital information, when they should go undercover online and if it's ethical to allow interviewees to disguise their identity to keep the safe.  Users navigate this investigative, gamified story via clicking on links, all the while needing to make sure they are not infected with (gamified!) malwar. 

Read about the project on al Jazeera here. 

You can read Juliana’s Medium piece creative process here. reported on #Hacked here.  During the launch of #Hacked Al Jazeera organised a Facebook Live with legendary white hacker Peter Fein where viewers were invited to ask him questions. Watch here.

#HACKED was created in collaboration with Nataly Rios and Rob Patten at Conducttr

  • Jun 2017 Winner - OMA Online Media Awards - Best Brand Development

  • June 2017 - Finalist OMA Online Media Awards - Best Designed Site

  • May 2017 - Finalist WEBBY Awards - Best Integrated Mobile Experience

  • Jan 2017 - Selected for competition at SmartFipa International Film Festival Biarritz

  • Nov 2016 - Selected for exhibition at Mozilla Festival London

  • June 2016 - Beta version selected for competition at Sheffield International Film Festival and exhibit in the festival gallery

Unfortunately #HACKED is no longer online but there is a video of Juliana's presentation at the Perugia Journalism Festival and the promo video below.

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