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Board Member / Trustee - Dart Centre for Journalism and Trauma (Europe) - (since 2012)

The Dart Centre is a resource center and think tank for journalists who cover violence and conflict, attached to the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York. Established in 1999, the center helps journalists understand the role of trauma when dealing with contributors and advocates awareness and self-care for journalists to prevent burn-out.

I received the Ochberg Fellowship in 2010 after having covered violence and conflict since the start of my career. Today, after nearly ten years on the board of directors, I have been on panels at journalism conferences around the world and held trainings for organisations such as the Rory Peck Trust and Photoville.  In 2021, I co-developed a raft of new initiatives such as a five-module training series designed to support investigative journalists in not-for-profit newsrooms, a British Foreign Office-funded project supporting best practices for dealing with sexual survivors in conflicts, as well as  pioneered grant-funded peer-support helpline for journalists in Germany.

Board Member / Trustee - Environmental Justice Foundation (since 2018)

EJF works for environmental justice to protect the natural environment and the people and wildlife that depend upon it.  The organisation uses investigations and film to uncover these environmental and human rights abuses. I advise on investigations and media issues in particular.

Advisory Board Member - Bar Association's EyeWitness project (since 2015) 

“EyeWitness” is a secure smartphone app which records photos, videos and audio with embedded special meta data for possible future use in criminal prosecution of human rights abuses and war crimes. 

External Examiner, MA International Journalism, City University (2021)

Tasked with the evaluation of all forms of assessment which contribute to students’ degree results and to help

ensure fairness and consistency in the assessment process including the structure, content,

academic standards and teaching of the International Journalism MA

Speaker image.jpeg

“Juliana Ruhfus is an innovative journalist and an incredibly inspiring speaker. Mixing production details with big scale ideas she manages to lead her audience into the future of investigative journalism.
Eloquent and open minded, she leads you step by step, from design challenges to experimentation and solutions. Inclusive in her presentation style and open to debate she is both a role model and an eye opener”

Sarah Gaudenzi, Head of Studies, !F Lab
University of the West of England & i-Docs co-director


Nov 2020: Facebook India, Accelerator Programme: Masterclass on interactive storytelling for newsrooms across India 

Oct 2020: Photoville, Dealing with Trauma: Workshop for around 30 selected, international photographers 

Oct 2020: Rory Peck Trust, Trauma-aware reporting: Workshop for Rory Peck’s global beneficiaries 

Oct 2019: Global Investigative Journalism Conference, Hamburg: Deploying on high risk assignments 

May 2019: ARUP London “Getting the Evidence Right: Investigating and prosecuting crimes against cultural property during conflict” – Two day expert workshop, session on the role of journalism in international criminal prosecutions  

Over the past years I have also been a panellist at the Global Investigative Journalism Conferences in South Africa (2017), Norway(2015) and Kiev (2011), International Journalism Festival Perugia (2017) News re:wired (2017) Centre for Investigative Journalism Summer School “Audience Choice Speaker” (2015), Hacks & Hackers London, Sheffield Film Festival (2015), Digital Shoreditch (2015), Africa: Through the People’s Lense, Royal Geographical Society ... and many others. 

Film and TV Juries 2020 / 2021

Oct 2021: Kurt Schork Awards

Sep 2021: DIG Investigative Journalism Awards, Italy

Nov 2020: AIB (Association of International Broadcasters) Awards for journalism and factual television, radio, audio and digital productions 

Nov 2020: Rory Peck Awards, celebrating the work of freelance journalists worldwide

Over the past years I've also been on juries including the One World Media Awards, Frontline Club Awards, and City University's Investigative Journalism final year project!

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