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Investigative Journalist, Presenter, Filmmaker

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Juliana Ruhfus is an award-winning journalist, producer/ director, and TV presenter, specialised in human rights and investigative work.  Over the past two decades she has made over 60 films in nearly 50 countries and across six continents. Juliana has worked for some of the world’s largest broadcasters including BBC, Channel 4, WDR,

and NHK before joining Al Jazeera English, where she stayed for 15 years as the senior presenter

for the channel’s “People & Power” series.  After making some of the show’s most memorable

and highest-rated programmes, Juliana left the channel in early 2021.  She now combines work

as an independent filmmaker for Al Jazeera with writing and training. 

In 2010, Juliana was awarded the prestigious Ochberg Fellowship offered by the Dart Centre for Journalism and Trauma, a project of Columbia University Journalism School in New York.  A year later, she received a scholarship

for Harvard University’s Global Trauma Programme and in 2013, Action on Armed Violence (AOAV)

named her as one of the top 100 journalists covering conflict.  

Today, Juliana serves on the board of directors for the Dart Centre (Europe), the board of trustees for the Environmental Justice Foundation, and on the advisory board for eyeWitness to Atrocities.

Beyond her work in filmmaking, Juliana has created and produced the multi-award winning "Pirate Fishing - Interactive Investigation" and “Hacked” digital projects.  She has also successfully applied for Google DNI funding to develop an open source chat-based storytelling tool with the Al Jazeera interactive team.

Outside of her work in media, Juliana was twice appointed as a UN Security Council Sanctions Committee consultant tasked with investigating breaches of the arms embargo on Somalia.

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How did a former US Green Beret manage to organise a plot to kidnap Venezuela’s President Maduro claiming it was backed by the American government?

An homage to one of Brazil’s most famous activists whose killing reveals the close links between Rio’s militia groups and President Bolsonaro’s family.

A journey deep into the Sahara that assesses the impact of the EU’s decision to turn one of the world’s poorest nations into its most southern border.

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Pirate Fishing Interactive Investigation
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A film that unravels why so many young Muslims from the Caribbean island nation Trinidad and Tobago are being drawn to fight in the conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

The multi-award winning gamified version of the Pirate fishing documentary in which the user takes the role of a journalist researching illegal fishing in Sierra Leone.

An undercover investigation into the exploitation of children through the ‘voluntourism’ business that helped change the industry forever.

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